Why Growing older has become younger…

by | Aug 7, 2023

Societal attitudes towards ageing have evolved, appreciating the wisdom and contributions of older individuals. Life Plan Resorts celebrates this new perspective by offering a vibrant community living experience with access to quality healthcare, lifelong learning opportunities, and a carefree lifestyle.

We at Life Plan Resorts, a place where one reflects daily on healthy ageing, think that the “age” of our time has nothing in common with the “age” of a few decades ago. You, while reading this, probably also in your prime golden years, will surely agree with us. It’s insightful to compare photos of the boomers’ parents and grandparents when they were in their 60s and 70s – they look a lot older than today’s boomers of the same age. Here, in Portugal, every family still has a photo of their grandmother or great-grandmother, classically dressed in an apron, resting in the yard. The hair twisted into a granny wave. Old, by our definition. Definitely. But when you look closer, you are surprised to find out that they were only in their mid-60s. Or take the Golden Girls. Dorothy is portrayed to be around 53-55 at the start of The Golden Girls. 55? Sharp, vital? – Yes. But mid-50s? Well. In the modern age, it is a common observation that growing older has taken on a remarkably youthful character. Metaphorically speaking, today, a generation of “old young at heart” is running up the stairs of life in fancy sneakers, skipping every second stair tread. It is scientifically proven that “Old” for women today is about 73, which increased from the late 50s in the 1920s. And “very old” today is about 80, an increase from about 67 in the1920s.

Among men and women between the ages of 75 and 80, muscle strength, walking speed, reaction speed, verbal fluency, reasoning and working memory are nowadays significantly better than they were in people at the same age born earlier. One of the key factors contributing to this shift is the significant progress made in medical science and healthcare. Breakthroughs in preventive medicine, disease management, and the understanding of healthy lifestyles have led to increased longevity and improved quality of life for older individuals. The availability of better healthcare facilities and access to advanced treatments has allowed people to maintain their health and well-being for longer periods, effectively reducing the impact of ageing on their physical and mental capabilities.

Additionally, societal attitudes towards ageing have evolved significantly. There is now a greater appreciation for the wisdom, experience, and contributions of older individuals. Stereotypes and ageist biases are gradually being dismantled as more recognition is given to the valuable role older adults play in their families, communities, and workplaces. Consequently, the concept of growing older has become synonymous with vitality, productivity, and exploration. Older individuals are pursuing new hobbies, starting businesses, embarking on adventures, and engaging in lifelong learning. They are redefining retirement by choosing to remain active, involved, and relevant in their communities.

All in all, quite wonderful news…. We should be dancing in celebration of our longer and healthier lives, while choosing a Life Plan Community at Life Plan Resorts in Portugal. We will open up a world of possibilities, enabling you to live life to the fullest. Embrace the advantages of vibrant community living, carefree lifestyle, access to quality healthcare, opportunities for lifelong learning, and the spectacular location.

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