The journey of ageing: How LPR embraces it in a meaningful way

by | Sep 19, 2023

Our senior community thrives on embracing age as a part of our life story, living with grace and gratitude. Residents seek growth, connection, and new hobbies to stay engaged in life.

People are the heartbeat of any place, and this sentiment holds particularly true in our senior community. No matter how well-crafted our services, strategies, or facilities may be, they find their truest essence when embraced by the mindset of Life Plan Resorts (LPR) community. Fortunately, our residents don’t view age as an adversary; instead, they see it as an enriching elixir in their life’s narrative. By savouring the passage of time with grace and gratitude, they not only relish life to its fullest but also actively seek fresh opportunities for growth, learning, and connection. Nurturing new interests and hobbies to keep their minds engaged remains a pivotal part of this journey.

Life Plan Resorts stands as a testament to a groundbreaking concept in senior living, embracing a holistic approach dedicated to promoting meaningful and fulfilling ageing. Our Healthy Ageing Program focuses on four essential components: physical health, mental agility, emotional well-being, and social engagement. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, we empower residents to lead active, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. Life Plan Resorts offers an integrated approach to well-being, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Through our comprehensive services, residents will have access to medical facilities, wellness programs, social activities, and lifelong learning opportunities, fostering a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

At our retirement resort, you will find a vibrant community where residents engage in over 100 activities and events designed to cater to a variety of interests and hobbies. We have a wide array of amenities tailored to cater to your every desire. Whether you seek invigorating workouts, serene moments of relaxation, or engaging entertainment, our comprehensive range of facilities (for example, the community Plaza with shops, a cinema, a park, restaurants, or the Retail & Shopping Centre, to name but a few…) has you covered. 

Mens sana in corpore sano

The famous Latin phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano,” coined by the Roman poet Juvenal, translates to ” a healthy mind in a healthy body.” This saying holds profound truth, as a well-rested and balanced body serves as the foundation for optimal mental functioning.

Research has consistently demonstrated that maintaining a regular physical activity regimen can significantly reduce the risk of various common ailments, including heart disease and diabetes. Exercise also enhances overall immune function, a crucial benefit for seniors who often contend with compromised immune systems. At Life Plan Resorts, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art fitness facilities, customized exercise programs, and access to expert trainers who assist residents in engaging in activities tailored to their unique capabilities. Our senior living community recognizes the pivotal role of an active body in preserving a high quality of life.

Our array of workout options and fitness groups is exceptionally diverse, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. Residents can choose from activities such as Taichi, Hula Hoop, Hiking, Tennis, Golf, Mindfulness & Meditation, Ax Throwing, Outdoor Adventure, Belly Dance, Running, Water Aerobics, and even the Padel Club, among others. This extensive list ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy and stay physically active.

A healthy mind also thrives when it remains active, and given the wonderful diversity of humanity, our workshops, lectures, and creative outlets, as well as our Special Interest Clubs & Groups, offer an extensive array of over 100 captivating subjects for participation. Whether you’re drawn to History Clubs, Scientist groups, Political discussions, the world of painting, Antiquity Art Club, wine tasting, or Pets training, to name just a few, the options are limitless. Our aim is to transform the process of ageing into an exhilarating adventure filled with experiences, promoting a lifelong commitment to learning. We ensure that our residents continue to stimulate their minds, pursue their passions, unleash their creativity, engage in intellectual exchange, and explore uncharted horizons.

At Life Plan Resorts, you’re encouraged to do what brings you joy, whether it’s pursuing your interests independently or, more importantly, in the company of like-minded individuals. We foster the cultivation of friendships that mature alongside you, becoming more meaningful with the passage of time, much like a fine vintage wine.

The vibrant social fabric within our community serves as a cornerstone, fostering interaction, camaraderie, and the forging of deep connections. We desire our residents to connect with one another, share their life experiences, and establish a support network that enriches their existence. As we advance in age, it becomes increasingly vital to plan for our future and ensure that we have access to a nurturing community that champions active living, independence, and overall well-being.

Embracing the spiritual dimension, our luxury retirement resort provides tranquil spaces for meditation, reflection, and connection with one’s inner self. Understanding the soul’s innate connection with nature’s embrace, Life Plan Resorts finds itself seamlessly positioned alongside an unspoiled cork oak forest, nestled near the expansive reaches of the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve – a remarkable expanse of wetlands that stands as one of Europe’s most extensive and distinguished.

Finding a balance between independence and seeking help when needed

As we journey through the process of ageing, it becomes essential to strike a harmonious balance between maintaining independence and seeking assistance when necessary. Life Plan Resorts has been meticulously designed as a Life Plan Community, encompassing a spectrum of care levels that encompass independent living, assisted living, and memory care. This innovative model empowers individuals to transition smoothly through the different phases of ageing, all while remaining within the cherished community they have come to hold dear.

Life Plan Resort offers more than just a place to reside; it provides a vibrant Senior Living Community that prioritizes social connections, the cultivation of lifelong learning, a profound sense of belonging, and the ultimate peace of mind for our senior residents. Here, life is about savouring every moment to the fullest and embracing the journey of ageing in a meaningful and fulfilling manner.

We firmly believe that maintaining a positive mindset is key to this journey. We encourage the cultivation of a positive attitude towards ageing, valuing the wisdom and experience that come with the passage of time. At Life Plan Resort, we’re dedicated to helping our residents embrace the full richness of life’s tapestry, where every day is a new opportunity to thrive and cherish the beauty of the ageing process.

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