Portugal is the best place in the world to live your retirement

by | Aug 8, 2023

According to the Forbes Annual Global Retirement Index 2023 and Into The Minds Survey, Portugal is the best place in the world to live your retirement.

Life Plan Resorts is the first luxury senior community in Europe and the most comprehensive retirement plan in the world, offering accommodation, hospitality, fitness, wellness and ongoing healthcare on a 36-hole golf estate situated in the Tejo River Nature Reserve in Benavente, Portugal – the best place to retire in Europe and one of the safest countries in the world.

Portugal has consistently emerged as the best place in the world to spend one’s retirement, and this sentiment is supported by two reputable sources: the Forbes Annual Global Retirement Index 2023 and the Into The Minds Survey – Synopsis. According to the Forbes Annual Global Retirement Index 2023, Portugal has secured its top position for several years in a row due to its remarkable qualities that cater to retirees’ needs and desires. The index evaluates various factors, such as the cost of living, quality of healthcare, climate, infrastructure, safety, and overall lifestyle, and Portugal has excelled in all these aspects.

One of the most appealing factors for retirees is Portugal’s affordable cost of living. Compared to other popular retirement destinations, Portugal offers an excellent quality of life without breaking the bank. Retirees can enjoy comfortable living at a fraction of the cost they might incur in other Western European countries or the United States.

The country’s healthcare system also plays a crucial role in its appeal to retirees. Portugal boasts a well-developed and efficient healthcare system, providing accessible and high-quality medical services. The availability of excellent healthcare contributes significantly to retirees’ peace of mind, knowing that their health needs will be taken care of in their golden years.

Another key aspect that makes Portugal attractive for retirees is its pleasant climate. The country enjoys a mild, temperate climate, and  is known for its warm summers and mild winters. Such a climate is ideal for those seeking a place to enjoy their retirement years in comfort and relaxation.

Infrastructure and safety are equally vital factors when considering a retirement destination. Portugal scores high in both categories, offering modern and well-maintained infrastructure and a reputation for being one of the safest countries in Europe. This combination ensures that retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without unnecessary worries.

Friendliness of the locals, welcoming atmosphere, and a vibrant expat community

We conducted a survey in collaboration with IntoTheMinds, a renowned market research and marketing consulting firm, which involved 865 participants from five countries (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain)

The findings from the Into The Minds Survey reaffirm Portugal’s reputation as an ideal retirement destination. The survey specifically targeted retirees who have chosen Portugal as their preferred place to retire, shedding light on their experiences and perspectives. The feedback received emphasized several key factors contributing to Portugal’s appeal as a retirement haven, including the warmth and friendliness of the locals, the inviting atmosphere, and the thriving expat community that facilitates integration and the formation of new social connections.

A significant 62% of the respondents stated that a better climate was the primary reason for considering retirement abroad, with Portugal’s abundant 300 days of sunshine making it a highly desirable destination. Additionally, 55% of participants cited a lower cost of living or improved purchasing power as a crucial factor in their decision to retire in Portugal. These two factors emerged as essential elements based on the numerous responses received. Lower taxes and a tranquil environment completed the podium, as 35% of respondents expressed their appreciation for these aspects.

Furthermore, the survey highlighted that a sense of security holds great importance, particularly among participants from Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. In 2023, Portugal earned a noteworthy position in the top 7 of the Global Peace Index, which ranks the safest countries in the world. The Global Peace Index evaluates various factors, such as low crime rates, minimal instances of terrorism and violent demonstrations, harmonious relations with neighbouring countries, and a stable political landscape. Portugal received high scores due to its stable political climate over the years and remarkably low crime rates, positioning it among the safest countries in Europe.


Portugal’s natural beauty, rich history, and diverse culture also contribute to its charm as a retirement destination. The country’s picturesque landscapes, coastal towns, and historic cities provide retirees with ample opportunities for exploration and leisure activities.

Portugal’s top ranking in the Forbes Annual Global Retirement Index 2023 and the positive feedback from retirees in the Into The Minds Survey – Synopsis firmly establish it as the best place in the world to spend one’s retirement. Its affordable cost of living, excellent healthcare system, pleasant climate, modern infrastructure, and welcoming community make Portugal an ideal destination for those seeking a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement experience.

Forbes Annual Global Retirement Index 2023 | Into The Minds Survey, on behalf of Life Plan Resorts

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