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by | Aug 9, 2023

Life Plan Resorts (LPR) is excited to unveil its revolutionary initiative aimed at establishing the ultimate retirement destination dedicated to promoting healthy ageing in Portugal
Life Plan Resorts property

Life Plan Resorts (LPR), is proud to announce its ground-breaking project to create the world’s most comprehensive retirement resort for healthy ageing. This visionary development will be a Life Plan Community, offering an integrated retirement plan and a sanctuary with accommodation, hospitality, fitness, wellness, and ongoing healthcare plus over 100 activities on a 36-hole golf estate, to ensure the well-being of residents in mind, body, and spirit.

Located in a beautiful rural protected cork forest in Benavente, adjacent to the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve, one of the largest wetlands in Europe, and with 2.8 kilometres of breath-taking riverfront, the LPR resort will be developed in phases to ensure a harmonious integration with the natural surroundings.

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