Life Plan Resorts in ECO

by | Aug 9, 2023

Pedro Alves, CEO of Life Plan Resorts, sat down for an interview with ECO, where he delved into the intricacies of the groundbreaking LPR project and its far-reaching implications in the realm of investment.
Pedro Alves, CEO, Life Plan Resorts (© Eco)

“It’s a project that focuses on healthy ageing, in which people can enjoy their full capacities with family and friends; and, at the same time, it guarantees a structure capable of providing all types of healthcare”, reveals to ECO Pedro Alfarroba Alves, CEO of the project that is called Life Plan Resorts (LPR).

LPR’s CEO reveals that the accommodation will have a marketing price between 475 thousand euros and 1.2 million euros, which is the price of the “entrance ticket” to the luxury resort designed for the Vargem Fresca estate. But the cost for potential seniors does not stop there.

It is also necessary to count on an investment of 100 thousand euros to become a member of the resort club, which will be responsible for the provision of various leisure activities at the resort, and also a monthly fee to be able to enjoy the various services. It is what the project promoters call “Life Right”.

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