“JOMO” and why Seniors should surf the wave of “JOGO”

by | Sep 19, 2023

“Jomo”. Ever heard about it? It stands for "The Joy of Missing Out." This concept reflects a modern approach to mindful living, fostering contentment with our own pursuits while disregarding the fear of missing out on others' activities.

While the message is clear and relatable, it symbolizes a contemporary trend that has emerged in our time. “The Joy of Missing Out” is an intriguing notion that encourages us to intentionally abstain from certain actions. It could be declining a dinner invitation from neighbours or resisting the urge to purchase a coveted product. Even skipping a social gathering, where you might have the chance to meet influential individuals, embodies this sentiment.

Perhaps you share the sentiment, but interestingly, “Jomo” no longer resonates with us. It’s almost as if it’s discussing something inherently understood. As the saying goes, “Been there, done it.” Maybe as we grow older, these contemporary philosophies lose their relevance. It is refreshing that with advancing age, the significance of lifestyle trends diminishes. Having experienced and embraced various aspects of life, there’s no need for a new life motto or a guru to guide us towards a better existence. This sense of contentment arises naturally, driven by our own priorities and desires. It’s about recognizing what truly matters and freeing ourselves from self-imposed obligations.

If we’re summarizing life in acronyms, we’d rather ride the wave of “Jogo.” The Joy of Getting Older. This transition is a much better fit. By embracing the joy of getting older, we can lead fulfilling lives and inspire others to do the same.

Life improves as we grow older

From a young age, we are often told that youth is the pinnacle of life – a time of boundless energy and vitality. However, this portrayal is not always accurate. Many people experience confusion and uncertainty during their youth. On the other hand, the media often portrays ageing as a journey marked by decline and diminishment. Yet, this perspective couldn’t be further from the truth. Life actually improves as we grow older.

Rather than viewing ageing as a negative process, let’s see it as a privilege denied to many. Ageing is something quite wonderful. You simply know who you are. What you want. It’s a chance to celebrate our journey, cherish the experiences we’ve accumulated, and continue expanding our wisdom and happiness.

At Life Plan Resorts, the first luxury senior community in Europe and the most comprehensive retirement plan in the world, we embrace the concept of “Jogo” – the Joy of Getting Older – as a powerful and positive force in the lives of our residents. Our antidote to combat accelerated ageing and increased mortality is a holistic and joyful approach to your daily life by offering true physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being – we call it ‘Healthy Ageing’. This encompasses financial security, basic necessities, green living in a protected cork tree forest, quality healthcare, social engagement and an inclusive culture (after all, the brain is a social organ – it needs relationships, stimulation and purpose to survive).

Let’s remember that each stage of life holds its own unique beauty and potential. By doing so, we can cultivate a sense of fulfilment, inspire those around us, and truly make the most of the precious gift of ageing.

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